4-Week Customized Run Plan

4-Week Customized Run Plan

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Beginner to Advanced customized plans to help you achieve your goals. This is perfect for those who just don't know where to start on creating a plan and want some help from someone who has been in the same boat before. 

Level 1 plans include: 

  • 1:1 communication with me 1x/week (initiated by client) via text/email so we can adjust plan accordingly 
  • A 4 week running plan (with the option to extend at the end of your plan)

If you purchase now you have 3 months to use the purchase. So for example, you aren’t ready to start your half marathon training yet? No worries we don’t have to start it in June! You can use the service in 3 months. 

+Add the $25 strength for me to put days and times for when you should do these workouts. Advice will be given on what you muscle groups to workout, when to work them out, how to maximize the output from the work put in... this will not include a full weight lifting session. 

After purchasing I will send out an email to you so that we can get started!

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