Women’s Motivational Running Group

Women’s Motivational Running Group

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Are you struggling to find the motivation to run some days? Do you wish there was a women’s motivational running community that you could be a part of from your very own home? I understand what it’s like trying to find time let alone the motivation to run during a busy day. But once I see a group of my friends (that I have met via Instagram) out there crushing their workouts it makes me want to do the same! That’s what this group is about providing a community of motivation for one another and meeting new running friends and getting some free gifts along the way.

Hi my name is Katie and I am a co-owner of Life of Running and we have created a new women’s motivational running group that does just that, motivate you to become the best version of yourself. In running and in life. Our goal is to make each other healthier in our own lives so that we can create a stronger group together. This group is open to women of any pace range, any form of running goal, it doesn’t matter, you (yes you!) are included!  

What do I get with this group?

  • 2 months of motivation every day which includes a generalized running plan that all runners can enjoy and other fun activities scattered throughout the week
  • We will be having a Facebook page where you will be able to share about your run, your fun activity, if you have questions about running.
  • There will also be giveaways from other running companies at the end and throughout the 2 months. Giveaways are only for US group members but anyone can join.

Our next group will be begin on Monday, Oct 3rd. Please provide your email when placing your order because this is how we will reach out to all of you! All money is used for shipping and more giveaway items.

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